Thursday, August 7, 2014

Turn Signals

Here’s a rant for this week about using signals when driving. No offense to people who don’t use signals, you guys are idiots, but this rant is not about you. It’s about the people who make the turn or switch lanes and THEN they use the signal. Seriously ? Why bother ? You’re signaling as a historical record or something ? To say let the record show I’ve turned! If you’re turning or overtaking in front of someone’s car don’t you think it’s hard to miss it ? And even if that person happen to miss it the crash will remind them, no need to waste power and shorten the life of your precious signal after you’ve already turned.

I mean honestly, people who don’t use signals are too lazy or some people are idiots like that and like to drive recklessly to show they are manly (probably over-compensating for something), but if you use the signal after you turn what does that say ? You’re slow ? Have a bad reflex time ? Good and evil where battling in your head and good finally won ?

I know some people are thinking why the heck is he talking so much about this. Think of it at least as a matter of politeness, it’s polite to let people know you’re turning or switching lanes in case they need to take any reactionary measures to your action. Well it’s also because nowadays it goes without saying that speeding, running red lights etc. are dangerous, and it’s good there are fines for this kind of stuff. But for other things like signals, honking etc. there’s nothing and so people are free to act like jerks, annoying or endangering another people. On a final note, this is often blamed on young drivers. I assure you many young drivers are responsible drivers, more so than some of the so called older “responsible” drivers, it is not an age thing.

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