Monday, June 16, 2014


Another poem of mine telling of a time when Bahrain was famous for pearls and nicknamed the land of a million palm trees, keeping with the environmental theme.

I walked around the beach at dusk,
Alone I was though the day was fair.
Looking at waves and smelling their musk,
I heard a soft noise, awash in despair.

The sea was calling to tell a tale,
And I listened to his sad tale in awe,
As the sky wept in her mourning veil,
We wept together man, sky and sea.

We listened to the wailing waves bemoan,
A hundred miles of beach outstretched,
A thousand pearls that glittered and shone,
And a million palms that poets sketched.

I walked around the beach at dusk,
To share my sorrow with the sea,
But it was the sea who after my walk,
Has thrown his sorrow unto me.

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