Thursday, June 5, 2014


Here’s a poem of mine called:


O, colored roses of this lovely site,
What a sight you are to greet!
Bathed in waves of the sun’s light
Your scent enthralls the streets.

Crowned with dew and shining bright,
I beg of you, join me in my retreat,
I will wait there for when the time is right,
My love and I, again shall meet.

The sun has fallen from its height,
And I heard not my lover’s feet.
I saw ravens Black and White,
I listened to my heart pound and beat.

I prayed and as day turned into night,
My prayers again I did repeat.
“Be it nothing, no harm or plight,”
Thought I, while burning with defeat.

Then came strutting with a lamplight
A creature with a smell so sweet. 
Its beauty would have given delight,
But I am not one for lies and deceit.

My love is gone, I was told outright,
Forever our times to be incomplete. 
For fate is fast and hard to fight,
And death is even harder to cheat.

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