Monday, June 2, 2014

God Will Damn Those Who Doubt

This is one of my older pieces that I wrote a while back after a conversation with a group of “religious” people. I published a different version of this before in my old blog. Sadly the conversation seems to repeat itself, if in different forms, or with different people, so here it goes.

God Will Damn Those Who Doubt

"God will damn those who doubt." I say:
Or damn those who follow like sheep.
"Doubt makes your faith weak." Okay,
But blind faith puts people to sleep.

"Christians, Jews and infidels will burn."
I laugh, well done, medium or rare ?
"Don't laugh, it is written." I return,
so what, most people don’t care.

God made earth, heaven and hell,
Then put us to live in his domain.
When to punish or forgive is God's will, 
Then why our hubris still remains ?

Stop judging! Just leave your hubris behind.
Just live, let others live and let God decide.

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